What is the NutriSTEP® Online Community?

  • The purpose of the Online Community is to support the implementation of NutriSTEP® screening in your community.
  • This moderated listserv has been developed for NutriSTEP® users and site coordinators to share their experiences and resources to further advance the NutriSTEP® program.
  • Community professionals working with children who are interested in conducting nutrition screening in their community can also join to find out more about NutriSTEP®.
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How does the NutriSTEP® Online Community work?

  • The NutriSTEP® Online Community works through a separate moderated listserv. You need to register as a member before you can start connecting with other members.
  • The NutriSTEP® Online Community uses a community development approach. For example, current NutriSTEP® users can help other NutriSTEP® users or newcomers by answering questions about the implementation of NutriSTEP® screening and about the modification and development of resources.
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Who can join the Online Community?

  • Anyone who is using the NutriSTEP® questionnaires and NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit and other resources can join the Online Community. For example, community professionals working in child services including preschool screening clinics, parent drop in centres, school registrations, doctor's/primary health care offices, etc.

    Do you need to register to participate in the Online Community?

    • Yes, anyone interested in participating in the Online Community must register. That way participant posts can be identified to encourage networking and sharing regarding the use of the NutriSTEP® questionnaires and the NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit and other resources.

    If I don't have a license can I still join this Online Community?

    • Yes you may join the Online Community without a license as this can help you learn more about the program. You can also help spread the word about how the NutriSTEP® program works and how to get implementation support.
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How do I contribute to the Online Community?

  • You are encouraged to pose questions, answer questions, post resource updates, etc. For example, if you have updated any resources, you are encouraged to post them in the "Resources" folder which will be available for others to access in the Online Community.
  • There are certain expectations for community members. For example, users are expected to keep their discussions and resource sharing to toddler and preschool screening and toddler and preschool nutrition related issues. Discussions and posting of resources that do not fit this target group are not appropriate and will not be posted by the Moderator.
  • Some tips for participating:
  • Identify yourself when sending messages. Anonymous messages are contrary to the spirit and mission of sharing.
  • Become familiar with the discussion before posting your message. Your question or issue may have been addressed in a previous message. You may wish to review the archives before posting your message.
  • Do not post messages for commercial promotion. Such messages will not be posted by the Moderator

*Please note: This site will be monitored by the NutriSTEP® program. The messages and resources shared within the Online Community are not endorsed by NutriSTEP® or its creators.

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How do I join the Online Community?

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