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Learn how to organize community agency activities for nutrition screening with NutriSTEP® using the NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit (2015).

About the NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit (2015)

  • The NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit, originally published in 2008, was revised in 2015.
  • The NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit (2015) includes everything needed to plan a community-based nutrition screening program for toddlers and/or preschoolers including:
    • Background on the development and importance of the NutriSTEP® Program
    • Training and promotional materials
    • Implementation scenarios and templates for referral mapping of community services
    • Data collection forms and data management information
    • Parent resources such as: How to Build a Healthy Toddler (2015); and, How to Build a Healthy Preschooler (2015)

NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit Goals

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the research behind the development of the NutriSTEP® questionnaires.
  • To assist with planning and developing a comprehensive NutriSTEP® implementation plan.
  • To assist communities and agencies to successfully implement ethical nutrition risk screening for toddlers and preschoolers with NutriSTEP®.

Access the NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit


  • How to Build a Healthy Toddler and How to Build a Healthy Preschooler are 4-page parent education booklets that have been developed and evaluated by parents to support the themes in the NutriSTEP® questionnaires. Both booklets were revised in 2015 by the Nutrition Resource Center and are available in English and French.
  • The original supporting educational booklet, How to Build a Healthy Preschooler (2009), is available in simplified and traditional Chinese, Punjabi and Vietnamese.
  • All versions of How to Build a Healthy Toddler and How to Build a Healthy Preschooler are available at: How to Build a Healthy Toddler/Preschooler.
  • In addition to specific booklets mentioned above, the consumer information website from Dietitians of Canada,, can provide a wide variety of articles, menus, and recipes to support childhood healthy eating.

What is Nutri-eSTEP and can I use this in my practice?

  • The Nutri-eSTEP platform at is an interactive tool in English and French.
  • Parents complete the 17-item questionnaire online and then receive immediate feedback messages based on their responses to NutriSTEP® questions, but no risk score is calculated.
  • Parents can print their own results and/or email results to themselves; however, Dietitians of Canada is not able to provide an individual’s results to your practice. Only parents can provide you with a copy of results they received.
  • With appropriate resources, opportunities can exist to obtain the required permissions, define the data report templates, and provide standardized aggregate reports that would be valuable for provincial governments, as well as local health departments.
  • For more information, see For Parents.

Help spread the word

  • A flyer to promote Nutri-eSTEP is available in English and French. No hard copies are available.
  • Service providers may use excerpt statements from flyers to help promote awareness and use of Nutri-eSTEP.
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