What is NutriSTEP®

  • The NutriSTEP® program's fast and easy-to-use questionnaires provide valid and reliable 17-item nutrition risk screening tools for parents of both toddlers (18-35 months) and preschoolers (3-5 years). Accompanying parent education resources and a referral map template are also available.
  • The resulting risk scores can guide your clinical decision making by:
    • Identifying children at low risk who require no immediate follow-up
    • Identifying children at moderate risk whose families would benefit from key health messages and resources, and
    • Identifying children at high risk whose families would benefit from a further assessment and treatment support from a health care provider
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Why use NutriSTEP® in my practice?

  • Provides an opportunity to start the conversation about nutrition risk topics
  • Provides clear, concise and consistent evidence-based clinical instructions
  • Supports interdisciplinary care

Ultimately, NutriSTEP® improves overall quality of care and nutrition management of young children and their families in your practice!

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How can I implement NutriSTEP® into my practice?

There are a number of options: electronic as well as paper-based

  • In the waiting room
    • Use a patient-facing electronic form on your waiting room tablet (saves time as parents complete in the waiting room)
    • Use a parent-administered paper copy (flexible to meet your patient and practice needs)
  • In the examination room
    • Use the electronic form in your EMR (virtual charting and real-time risk score)
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Do I need a license to use NutriSTEP®?

  • NutriSTEP® is the product of substantial research and validation. Depending on how you chose to implement, you may need to acquire a license.
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What is Nutri-eSTEP and can I use this in my practice?

  • The Nutri-eSTEP platform is located on the Dietitians of Canada website
  • Parents receive immediate feedback messages based on responses to NutriSTEP® questions but no risk score is calculated
  • Parents can print their own results and/or email results to themselves; however, the results are not made available to your practice

For more information, visit Nutri-eSTEP

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Who do I talk to for further information about NutriSTEP®?

  • Electronic form in EMR: contact your EMR vendor or rjanis@nutristep.ca
  • Electronic form on a patient-facing waiting room tablet: contact your mobile device provider or rjanis@nutristep.ca
  • Parent-administered paper copy of Preschool NutriSTEP®: in Ontario, contact your local Public Health Unit or individual practices may purchase their own license to print
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