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About NutriSTEP®

What is NutriSTEP®?

NutriSTEP® is a set of questionnaires for parents and caregivers of toddlers (18-35 months) and preschoolers (3-5 years) to assess nutritional risk. The valid and reliable 17-item NutriSTEP® questionnaires include topics such as:

  • Food and nutrient intake
  • Physical growth and development
  • Physical activity and sedentary behaviour
  • Food security
  • Feeding environment

A score for potential nutrition-related problems can be calculated based on answers to questions. The NutriSTEP® questionnaires can be used in a variety of settings such as:

  • Daycares
  • Child and parent programs
  • Parent education programs
  • School readiness programs
  • Primary health care (e.g., physicians’ offices and community health centres)

The online NutriSTEP® questionnaires (Nutri-eSTEP) provide parents with direct access.

Why is NutriSTEP® important?

Approximately 18-23% of the population of young children aged 18 months to 5 years have been identified as at a high nutritional risk. Poor nutrition in young children can lead to:

  • Growth problems such as failure to thrive and obesity
  • Anemia
  • Poor eating habits that become lifelong
  • Lack of school readiness
  • Learning difficulties at school

Using the NutriSTEP® questionnaires supports:

  • Early identification of potential nutrition problems for parents and communities
  • Parent referral to community resources
  • Parental nutrition education
  • Planning and evaluating preschool nutrition interventions
  • A means of monitoring community child nutrition programs
  • Surveillance

Community Partners & Primary Care Providers

  • If you have questions related to research, please contact Janis Randall Simpson at
  • If you have questions about how to access the NutriSTEP® Implementation Toolkit, please refer to the Community Partners section.  This section provides a link to the complete Toolkit on the Nutrition Resource Centre website.
  • If you have questions about implementing nutrition screening in your primary care practice, please refer to the Primary Care Providers section.
  • If you have questions about Nutri-eSTEP data collection, please contact Janis Randall Simpson at


Parents and caregivers looking for information about healthy eating are encouraged to:

  • Complete the online Nutri-eSTEP questionnaires, in English, to get immediate feedback on how well their child is doing and links to credible resources.
  • Visit to find articles, menu plans, videos, and recipes.
  • Visit Dietitians of Canada website to find a dietitian and find out if your provincial government offers a free dial-a-dietitian service.

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